Meet Darleen Ghirardi

Darleen Ghirardi is the voice of career acceleration for women who want to reinvent their careers and learn the secrets to escaping the Director trap and becoming VP-ready in 90 days. As founder and CEO of Darleen Ghirardi LLC, she has created a dynamic enterprise devoted to empowering women leaders to develop their own set of stairs and learn the written and unwritten rules of career success. Darleen realized that her passion and calling in life is to help women go against the grain and accelerate their careers in unconventional ways without feeling like they had to become someone they are not – just as she did herself.

Darleen began her career at the bottom, working as a food and beverage purchasing clerk for Mandalay Resort Group, a Fortune 500 company. Considered to many to be “unstoppable,” she bypassed convention and exercised her personal power, rising to the top of her field.

In 2004, She was at a turning point in her career. Newly promoted to Corporate Director of Purchasing, she was told that she had to pass probation to keep her new position. While still on probation, she delivered a handwritten letter to her boss, the Senior VP of Operations.

In this letter, she poured out her heart. She thanked him for helping her fulfill her dream. She further explained that as a young child, she grew up in an impoverished household and made a promise to herself that she would overcome her circumstances and find success in the world. While many coaches might tell you to keep your personal experiences out of the work environment, Darleen found that being true to her values and herself paid off.

By showing her authentic self and being genuinely grateful, she not only made an ally, but she also made a friend. This vulnerable exchange was a catalyst that showed her how being true to yourself in the corporate world works. Today you’ll hear TED talks about the importance of vulnerability, and she was living it before it became the “buzz.” Being authentic and vulnerable is not a sign of weakness. The world craves a different approach, and often employers appreciate the combination of hard work, dedication, and authenticity.

Darleen’s Message is Simple Yet Profound

Darleen teaches that success is not dictated by luck, economic background, or upbringing and that dreams can come true by applying drive, willingness, determination, effort, and commitment. She teaches her clients secret ways to live their life on their terms based on her personal journey from her Corporate Director of Purchasing position in the gaming industry to her role as Vice President of Procurement of two subsidiaries under Comcast, the Fortune 500 cable giant.

Darleen’s signature program, “Executive Reinvention: Escape the Director Trap and Become VP Ready in 90 Days,” is due to launch in June 2022. She currently offers private coaching and will be offering online training and workshops shortly. In addition, she is available for media appearances, speaking events, conferences, retreats, and media interviews.